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  • Bill's Blog (2011)

Bill's Blog (2011)

  • Indoor Office to Outdoor Office!

    10 May 2011

    As I mentioned in my previous post, I like to describe my training as trips as 'days at the office' and I've definitely been busy at 'work' since my last post!

    My training (days at the office as I like to call it) has not changed much since my last blog. To be honest, I’m not at all worried about the distance as I swim for 3 hours most days in my local pool.

    It’s the temperature that will affect me more, hence why I am now starting to look into getting a wet suit. Then I can move to an outdoor office!!!


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  • Why I'm doing this swim

    25 Mar 2011

    I must start by telling you a few things about myself. Every day from Monday - Friday I’ll take myself off and swim at least 3 miles in the pool. For me it’s like going into the office. I set my watch by it. On Friday’s I do something special and swim for four hours in one go. For me it’s a real way to relax. The last thing I should mention is that I’m 78 and feel fitter than most people half my age!

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Monster Swim

August 17th 2013, Loch Ness

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