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  • Claire & Cathy's Blog (2011)

Claire & Cathy's Blog (2011)

  • Our last blog before Saturday!!!!

    11 Aug 2011

    Well this is our last blog before the big swim, there has been a rumour that friends and work colleagues are going to come and watch....surely they should all be enjoying a lie-in on a Saturday, or going to watch the important SPL footie match which is obviously going to attract most of Inverness! (Caley Thistle are playing Rangers for our readers south of the border)However should they all come, we thank them and would like to say that photos can only be taken once we are out of our wetsuits, fully dressed and that they have checked we have all four limbs, and the hair and make up has been replenished !!!! Louise could you bring the straighteners?!

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  • Not long to go now!!!!!

    29 Jul 2011

    When last we wrote we were heading into the deep dark waters of the loch.......our absence from the blog has been because of the need to recover from the experience.

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  • Which Wetsuit!?!

    6 Jul 2011

    Well here we are again. It’s been a while since we blogged but you will all be pleased to know that here on the Black Isle....it’s not Black and it’s not an Isle!......swimming training has been maintained.

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  • Training begins

    31 May 2011

    Well here we are again, blog No2.

    Cathy and Clare - do you remember us sorting out your problems in Jackie magazine! You may have seen us on the news last week having started our open water training off South Uist.....we caused quite a stir when the coastguard thought we were going to beach.......how could he get us Special K girls muddled up with a pod of whales!


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  • What have we got ourselves into?

    6 May 2011

    It all started with Facebook....."The Storehouse,"  a lovely restaurant on the shores of the Cromarty Firth where Cathy had signed up to be a "friend". ( probably hoping to increase her facebook friend list !) They posted her a link to the  "Monster Swim". Over the next few days frantic texting ensued between us both, and the decision was made. Along with our children, 14 year old Olivia and 15 year old Fin, we would do it!

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Monster Swim

August 17th 2013, Loch Ness

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