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  • All packed, ready to Monster Swim

    16 Aug 2012

    Well folks, we're all packed now and just chilling before having an early bed, as our ferry leave's at 6am tomorrow (friday). Have double and treble checked my swim kit - told you's before that I have a poor memory. Not much else to say except good luck to everyone and I think its great that The Monster Swim has sold out.

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  • Ferry is booked, race is on!

    15 Aug 2012

    I hope you're all as excited as I am for this Saturday. We've had the ferry tickets booked for some time now and sorted out accommodation too, staying in Drumnadrochit on the opposite side of Loch Ness from the Swim.


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  • Looking forward to Monster Swim

    14 Aug 2012

    Not sure if anyone saw this article in the Daily Record. I can say for sure that its not going to put me off the Monster Swim and to be honest I think 'Nessie' is something that you would have to see yourself before you believe. Well, thats what I think anyway.

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  • Have you all been training?

    31 Jul 2012

    August is almost upon us, which will make it feel so much closer to Monster Swim. Have you all been training? There's so many different ways and means to train. People have their own particular methods. I feel like the main mistake I made is with my breathing, which I changed, for why I cannot remember, a few years ago, to breathing every two strokes.

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  • Not long 'til the Monster Swim!

    20 Jul 2012

    Well, its not long 'til the Monster Swim. Has everyone been out in Lochs, Lakes or the Sea doing a bit or training. Even if you're not going to race at the Monster Swim, its wise to get some experience of the open water.

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  • With the Monster Swim getting closer and closer its good to be prepared for whatever the weather might be throwing at us

    10 Jul 2012

    Not too much to report this week. Been having some time off since The Big Minch Swim but now getting back into a routine again, mixing light weights, resistance bands, gym work, pool and loch swimming.

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  • What a Surreal last couple of weeks it has been!

    3 Jul 2012

    On Friday 22nd June, The Big Minch Team got the green light for going ahead with the swim, we packed up and headed over to Ullapool on Sunday the 24th June, on Murdo 'Murdanie' Macdonalds support boat the Mv Cuma which he normally uses for trips to Islands like St.Kilda ( and The Flannan Isles.

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  • The Big Minch Swim to take place weekend of 23rd June

    22 Jun 2012

    I know I have been talking about other swims that I've been involved in, and now the biggest one of all is coming up in the next week or two. This is The Big Minch Swim, swimming our local 102km ferry route from Stornoway to Ullapool (or possibly vice versa), in aid of the R.N.L.I.

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  • 60 odd days until the Monster Swim!

    12 Jun 2012

    With only 60 odd days to go until The Monster Swim it's not far off at all. I've bought a couple of shortie wetsuits to try and get used to them incase I want to use one in the 'Big Yin'. It's going to be great meeting people from all walks of life who enjoy swimming and raising money for charity, by doing what they enjoy.

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  • Building up to swim the 102km Big Minch Swim

    7 Jun 2012

    I cannot believe that its been two weeks since my last blog update. Time has been flying by with lots of prepping for the Big Minch Swim, which, weather depending, will be taking place in about 3 weeks time.

    The team are training hard for this 102km swim challenge across the Big Minch Channel which is in aid of the R.N.L.I. and in celebration of the 125th anniversary of the Stornoway Lifeboat.

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  • Training for The Big Minch Swim

    22 May 2012

    With the Scarp and Taransay swims now over I'm concentrating on training for The Big Minch Swim, which is happening, weather depending, during the last weekend in June.

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  • Taransay Swim for The Leanne Fund

    8 May 2012

    Four Seasons in one day was the way the weather was on Saturday the 5th May. The Isle of Lewis was getting snow, rain, sleet and sunshine. Luckily I was on the neighbouring Isle of Harris.

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  • Planning a 60 mile swim!

    24 Apr 2012

    With my children up for their 2 week Easter holiday I didn't have much time for training but did go on plenty of visits to the pool, fun sessions rather than training sessions but its always good to see the kids.

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  • Scarp and Taransay swims

    10 Apr 2012

    Training has been a bit all over the place since my last post. I have been doing plenty of laps in the pool whilst continuing with my morning weights and resistance bands. I have also started sea swim training with members of the Minch Swim team, usually down at Coll beach. Swimming up the side of the beach so the waves are mostly hitting you side on makes progress harder and more of a battle.

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  • Preparing for two swims on the same day!

    2 Apr 2012

    Training is going well, lots of swimming and gym work. I've got a few swims on this year, individual and team.

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  • Why I'm swimming in the 2012 Monster Swim

    30 Mar 2012

    My name is Colin Macleod, I live and work on the Isle of Lewis, in the Western Isles of Scotland. I'd like to tell you why I'm swimmin in the 2012 Monster Swim.

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August 17th 2013, Loch Ness

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