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  • Gillian's Blog (2012)

Gillian's Blog (2012)

  • That's the Monster Swim done!

    20 Aug 2012

    Arriving in Dores the afternoon before the Big Yin, I watched the hardy souls who had entered to swim without wetsuits go through their "I don't need a wetsuit" test. The water was so tempting I had my first dip in LochNess (although wetsuited up) soon afterwards. It was so good to get into the water, it calmed my pre-swim nerves and the swim sharpened my appetite for the event itself.

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  • Getting acclimatised for Monster Swim

    16 Aug 2012

    Well, I'm back from a week of hot, sunny yoga and it's back to loch swimming - cold and grey - and that's before I hit the water! I've been out a few times this week, having read the temperature of Loch Ness is only 11 celcius.

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  • Getting ready for Monster Swim

    31 Jul 2012

    Well, I'm getting the distance in now, and I'm comfortable swimming about a mile I reckon, in mainly calm or gently choppy conditions. I keep forgetting to take a note of the time so I'm not sure how long it is taking me, but I have got quicker at changing that's for sure! Assisted by the lochside midges, I have almost got getting in and out of the wetsuit down to a fine art.

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  • Is my anticipated swim time correct?

    26 Jun 2012

    With my Moonwalk marathon complete, and having now recovered from the effort of that - it's time to turn to my attention to the Monster Swim - which is feeling a bit like a monster at the moment. I'm having a crisis of confidence regarding my anticipated time for doing the mile.

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  • Ditched the Wet Suit!

    7 Jun 2012

    After the amazing weather we have been having (in Scotland) I am happy to say that I have been swimming for the last week or so, without the wetsuit! I love it that with the aid of 5mm or so of neoprene I can swim all year round, but it is great to feel the water and sun on my back and arms.

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  • Happy to report the water is warming up!

    22 May 2012

    Looks like I'll just be seeing fellow blogger Colin's heels at the Monster Swim! My, he knows how to have a good time, his swims sound fantastic!

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  • Easter Weekend Swims

    17 Apr 2012

    Great weather over the Easter weekend and for the rest of this week has meant that I've been in open water three times this week. Still not warm though!

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  • Starting to build up my stamina and resilience

    2 Apr 2012

    The weather has been fantastic here for the last few days, so I am hoping that I will be able stay in for longer soon as I would really like to get going to start building up my stamina and resilience to the weather conditions and water temperature. Loch Ness can be a cold, cold place - even in summer.

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  • My first big swim event

    28 Mar 2012

    I am Gillian Lester. I am 52 years old and work as a part time yoga teacher and massage therapist. My first post is an introduction to my reasons for doing the monster Swim.

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Monster Swim

August 17th 2013, Loch Ness

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