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  • Monster Swim 2014 Announcement

    25 Feb 2014

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  • Race Cut Short Due To Weather

    19 Aug 2013

    Due to increasing wind which led to very choppy water conditions in Dores Bay on Loch Ness, the 2013 Monster Swim had to be stopped during the swim.

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  • Monster Tip Number 7

    2 Aug 2013

    Breaststroke may be chosen in preference to freestyle for a number of reasons:

    • Difficulty mastering the alternating nature of freestyle
    • Inability to maintain freestyle for duration of swim
    • Easier to navigate in open-water
    • More sociable option / enjoy surroundings

    Essentially, a well-executed breaststroke can be more efficient and enjoyable than apoorly executed freestyle and therefore, may be the preferred option for a number ofswimmers. As with other strokes however, many of the principles remain the same andobserving a few basic rules can make your breaststroke an effective alternative to freestyle.

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  • Checklist for open water swimming and dipping

    2 Aug 2013

    In the UK we have been experiencing some wonderfully warm weather which has encouraged lots more people to sample the delights and enjoyment of outdoor swimming.  Sadly though for some, particularly teenagers, the experience certainly did not turn out the way it was expected.  However, by following the few simple rules suggested by SwimTrek founder Simon Murie, some of the tragedies could possibly have been avoided.  We still want everyone to have fun and of course experience the beauty of open water swimming and dipping, we just want to encourage you all to do it safely.

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  • Emma's Monster Story - The Last Few Weeks

    1 Aug 2013

    The power of persaution and a patient family, only 19 days to go until Monster Swim!

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  • The Next Installment of Jayne's Monster Story

    31 Jul 2013

    Weddings and swimming, Jayne's Monster Story conitnues.

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  • Emma's Monster Story Continues

    19 Jul 2013

    Swims in sea water baths and wetsuits ditched, Emma's story continues leading up to Monster Swim.

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  • Jayne's Monster Story

    10 Jul 2013

    Jayne's story see's some challenges and her enthusiasm for open water swimming and the Monster Swim grow.

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  • Monster Tip Number 6

    10 Jul 2013

    Freestyle Technique - Body Gliding

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  • Emma's Monster Story

    27 Jun 2013

    Emma's training and story for Monster Swim continues

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